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About the new Season 2 Trailer

So the trailer for season 2 is out and apart from being fucking awesome it also raises some questions. So in this post I'll list some of my assumptions and theories about the season 2. Be free to comment your thoughts.

1. Scene: Bernard and a Tiger host?
After the finale Bernard either joined the hosts or escaped the bloodbath at the gala and is also trying to survive becauce as Ford said: hosts might not like him after everything he did to them.
Bernard in deep thoughts silently staring is nothing new but what about the tiger? The only idea I have is that it was either one of the stored hosts from the Samurai (or Shogun) world inside the mesa or there is some way host can transport to another park. Either way we're gonna see more of this S-world.

Scene 2: Man hanging on a rope trying to reach the gun.
I have several teories here. The figure kind of looks like either Slim or Walter but it'd make more sense if it was a guest. And it doesnt look like it's either Stubbs or Sizemore so I'm guessing it's a new character.

Scene 3: The mesa
Halls full of dead people and the controll room as well. So either the hosts from the park got into the mesa or some hosts left inside got out of the mesa and killed everybody along the way. Either way the hosts know the entrance to the mesa so it's not safe there either.
More interesting however is the shot with Maeve and Sizemore.
Maeve didn't know the revolution was happening but judging from her face she seems like she already figured a plan and the only valid reason why not to kill him is that she needs him or at least wants to cooperate. So it seems like Maeve will be one of the good guys in S2.

Scene 4: Hunting the guests
Nothing special really. Three guests being hunted down by Dolores and Teddy. It's quite clear Dolores won't be our cute and polite homegirl protagonist but more of a determined cold-blooded antagonist. Teddy might have some moral doubts about what they are doing but his love for Dolores is far more heavy.

Scene 5: The bar
Dead people, dead people and more dead people.

Scene 6: Rolling with homies
So we finally get a glimpse of what might be the good guys squad with Bernard, what maybe Stubbes on the shotgun and what hopefully is Elsie next to Bernard. Now we're talkin'.

Scene 7: Fucking finally
The man. The myth. The legend. The Man in black. He did make it out of gala and now he is going to play the real game. I hated the fact that we won't se the good William becauce of them being the samr person but you gotta admit he's fucking badass.

So that is all I have to say to the trailer. Please on what you think I missed or got wrong and overall your theories. Will Maeve really be a good guy? What about Man in black? And what about the fucking tiger?
Thanks for reading.

Ravis Mimmes
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