"Reverie" is a track on Westworld soundtrack based on Claude Debussy's "Rêverie (L.68)"; it appears in multiple versions throughout the show, arranged and adapted by Ramin Djawadi and others.

Debussy - Rêverie04:22

Debussy - Rêverie

Debussy - Rêverie, F. J. Thiollier, pianist


  • "Rêverie, L. 68", arranged by François-Joël Thiollier (episode 7)
  • "Reverie", arranged by Noriko Ogawa (episode 9)
  • "Reverie", arranged by Ramin Djawadi (episode 10)
  • "Reverie, L. 68", arranged by Ronan O’Hora (episode 10)

Additionally, another arrangement by Djawadi, "Reveries," is both in episode 5 and the soundtrack.

Reverie is also heard in the 3rd episode, around 35min, when Ford and Bernard discuss in Ford's office. Ford controls a pianist playing it.

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