The Confederados, also known as the Army of New Virginia, are a group of ex-soldiers in the first season of Westworld.


The Confederados are a group of hosts in the role of ex-Confederate soldiers who roam the outer lands of the park, and are a part of the War storyline. They are known as the "Army of New Virginia", but most people simply call them "Confederados". They are described as not willing to surrender at the end of the Civil War, and now work as mercenaries south of the border.

Season OneEdit


The group of William, Logan, and Dolores come across the Confederados in Pariah. Logan drives the group to join them, to partake in the War story, over the others' objections. Logan works with El Lazo and does a job to steal Nitroglycerine from Union Soldiers north of the border to get in good with the Confederados. However, Lawrence double-crosses the Confederados as a member of the Revolutionaries, and the Confederados take Logan hostage. William and Dolores kill four of them before escaping Pariah with Lawrence.[1]

"Trompe L'Oeil"Edit

The Confederados ambush the train that Dolores, William and Lawrence are travelling on, intent on getting revenge for Lawrence betraying them. They open fire on the train with a machine gun, killing many people within. The remaining survivors send out a dressed up corpse filled with Nitroglycerin on a horse, to trick the Confederados into thinking they surrender. Instead, they fire at the corpse and blow it up, creating a distraction for them to ride away. The Confederados recover and pursue them, picking off people with their guns.

They accidentally enter Ghost Nation territory and are attacked by Ghost Nation warriors, who kill all the Confederados and allow William, Dolores and Lawrence to escape.[2]


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