[1] The Custom LeMat revolver is used by the Man in Black. It is an expensively customized two barrelled weapon.

This is a 10 shot handgun, it fires nine .38 Short Colt cartridges and a single, brass shotgun shell in an underbarrel shotgun.

The Man in Black is seen reloading his LeMat by breaking the weapon in half (the barrel and cylinder assembly from the frame), showing that the pistol has a cartridge cylinder similar to those produced by reproduction companies such as Uberti and Pietta (See picture below. While this type of conversion wasn't existent in the Old West, the film takes place in a futuristic theme park. That being said, this conversion isn't technically an anachronism). The Man in Black loads the revolver with what appear to be .38 Short Colt cartridges, as well as a long, brass shotgun shell (appears to be about a 20 gauge) in the underbarrel shotgun.

The original LeMat was first made in 1861 and had a nine shot, .42 calibre, cylinder that rotated on a .63 calibre (which is about a 20 gauge) shotgun barrel, that was popular with Confederate cavalry officers[2] for a short time. Production ceased mainly in 1865 but the gun was still made in limited quantities for a time. Today, Pietta of Italy make a reproduction model.[3]

The weapon used by the Man in Black looks very similar to the weapon now made by Pietta.

He is seen firing the revolver on the normal cylinders, but also flipping the switch on the hammer and firing the shotgun

Credit to the Internet Movie Firearms Database for the information in early versions of this page.

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  2. Guns of the New West: A Close Up Look at Modern Replica Firearms, page 31

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