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Delos Incorporated is the company that owns Westworld. Delos Destinations, Inc. is the subsidiary that runs the Westworld operations.


Not much is known about the company itself, except that it is involved in entertainment.

Notable StaffEdit

Current Edit

Board Members Edit

  • William, Man in Black - majority share holder of Westworld; board member (Delos Destinations, Inc.)
  • Charlotte Hale - Executive Director of the board of directors (Delos Destinations, Inc.)

Department Heads Edit



  • Elsie Hughes - Behavior Technician (programmer/coder)
  • Felix Lutz - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management
  • Sylvester - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management

Former Edit

Directors/Creators Edit

Department Heads

Technicians Edit

  • Destin - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management - Deceased


  • Angela - A greeter for newly arrived guests to Westworld - Recycled (presently an in-park host)

Map of Westworld Mesa Hub Edit

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