The Ghost Nation refers to a large band of Host "Indians" or "bloodthirsty savages", according to some. Not much is known about them.

Season OneEdit

"Trompe L'Oeil"Edit

After the Confederados attack the train that Dolores Abernathy, Lawrence and William are travelling on, the three escape along with a few others and ride away from the ambush, with the Confederados in pursuit. They pick off the survivors until only Dolores, William and Lawrence are left, when they are suddenly attacked by a group of Ghost Nation warriors. The Ghost Nation savagely kill all the Confederados, allowing the trio to escape.

"The Well-Tempered Clavier"Edit

Ashley Stubbs leaves the Mesa Hub and enters the park to locate Elsie Hughes. When he arrives however, members of the Ghost Nation are there. Instead of listening and obeying Stubbs vocal commands, they attack him.



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