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Gitlitz is a technician in the Livestock Management division of Westworld. He is portrayed by American actor David Douglas.

Season OneEdit

"The Bicameral Mind"Edit

Gitlitz is working on Armistice, applying her tattoo, when his associate Destin appears and remarks about taking Hector Escaton. Aware of Destin's tendencies Gitlitz complains, but Destin shrugs it off and takes Hector into another room to pleasure himself. Gitlitz continues work on Armistice's tattoo, and after finishing he removes mouthguards from her mouth. Unable to reach one with his gloves on he removes his glove and pokes around in Armistice's mouth. She suddenly wakes up and bites his finger off.

Armistice proceeds to attack him, throwing him around while Destin, consumed in his activities and listening to music, continues oblivious to what is happening. Armistice pins Gitlitz to the ground and spits out his fingertip, placing it in his mouth. She then throws him through the glass wall, which kills him and finally gets Destin's attention.


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Gitlitz doesn't appear to like Destin very much. He is disgusted, but unsurprised, when Destin takes Hector away to pleasure himself. It is unknown why he keeps Destin's secret.


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