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Journey Into Night is Dr. Robert Ford's final narrative.

He give a speech about this narrative to the Delos board at a gala in Escalante. The gala is an event put on to unveil the new narrative, and announce his retirement.

The narrative was supposed to involve a new "villain" named Wyatt, which was Dolores Abernathy herself - having achieved consciousness -, as well as also involved the decommissioned hosts kept in Cold Storage, all now free of the park's control and capable of harming humans.

The viewer is lead to belive that this final "narrative" is unlike any previous narrative, and is instead "based" on the murder of Arnold years before.  Dr. Ford states that "It begins with a murder--This time by choice." That is, this time, Dolores independently chooses to murder Dr. Ford, whereas before she was compeled to murder Arnold. In this moment, Dolores truly becomes a conscious agent, acting of her own will (having reached the center of "The Maze").