Now that we're all friends, you can call me Lawrence.

–El Lazo to William and Dolores, on the train in "Contrapasso"

Lawrence is a character played by a Host in Westworld. He's a criminal who is on the verge of being hanged when the Man in Black saves him. He is married and has a daughter. He has also been known in the criminal underworld as El Lazo. His full name is Lawrence Pedro Maria Gonzalez. El Lazo is a leader of Revolutionaries. The complete story behind this dual narrative is currently unknown to the viewers. He is portrayed by Clifton Collins Jr.

Season OneEdit


Lawrence is saved from hanging by the Man in Black. The MiB recruits him to help find The Maze. He takes Lawrence to his home and threatens to kill his family if he doesn't tell him where the Maze is. The MiB ends up killing Lawrence's Wife before Lawrence's Daughter reveals how to find the Maze.

"Dissonance Theory"Edit

The Man in Black and Lawrence join up with outlaws led by Armistice. She agrees to tell them the story behind her tattoo if they help her rescue Hector Escaton. They purposely get themselves captured and Lawrence is tied to a post before a firing squad. The MiB and Hector save him before the firing squad can kill him. The MiB and Lawrence leave the group in search of Wyatt, but as they journey onward they come across a badly beaten Teddy.


Lawrence is killed by the MiB in order to give Teddy a badly-needed blood transfusion. In Pariah, however, Dolores, William and Logan encounter a different version of Lawrence known as El Lazo, who is the owner of a brothel and other illegal operations. He betrays the Confederados by giving them tequila instead of Nitro. He rides a train towards the front with Dolores and William.

"Trompe L'Oeil" Edit

After leaving the train and escaping the Confederados and the Ghost Nation, Lawrence parts ways with Dolores and William.

"The Bicameral Mind" Edit

With the revelation that William is a a younger Man in Black, it becomes clear that Lawrence was "El Lazo" in the past.

At the gala, Lawrence is seen performing a card trick for a pair of attendees. He is not seen again after Dolores begins shooting.


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