Lawrence's Wife is Host in the sci-fi western TV series Westworld. She portrayed by Olga Aguilar.


Lawrence's wife appears in the episode "Chestnut". She is killed by the Man in Black to coerce Lawrence into giving him information.

Season OneEdit


After the Man in Black takes Lawrence back to his hometown, he holds his wife and daughter hostage to force Lawrence to tell him where the Maze is. The townspeople try to help Lawrence, so the MiB kills them all and shoots Lawrence's wife in the head. Lawrence's daughter gives the MiB the clue he wanted, and he takes Lawrence and leaves the town, while she stays with the dead mother.[1]



Lawrence's wife appears concerned for him when the MiB brings him into the town and pulls out his gun. She sobs while the MiB demands information from Lawrence.


Lawrence's wife holds her daughter close while the MiB threatens Lawrence, and shows concern for her, trying to protect her from him.


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