Medieval World is the 13th century (British) Europe themed park and one of three "worlds" (resorts) within the theme park Delos in 1973's Westworld.

While experiencing the same failures as Roman World and Westworld, Westworld became Delos' scapegoat; as such, Medieval World is present for the sequel, Futureworld, two years later within in-world timeline.

Medieval World is second after Westworld for screen time in Westworld, as it serves as the backdrop for the Banker's escapades while at Delos, illustrating the sensual exploits a guest might attempt.

In Futureworld, guests are not allowed to bring in cameras, or even potential (realistic) weapons (such as swords).

Descriptions Edit

Westworld: Edit

This is Medieval World, where we have reconstructed 13th-century Europe. A world of chivalry and combat, romance and excitement. Our teams of engineers have spared no expense in this re-creation, precise to the smallest detail.

Futureworld: Edit

Medieval World, an exact reconstruction of 13th century Europe, where you may live like an absolute king.

Notable Characters within Medieval World (1973, 1976 Park) Edit

Guests Edit

  • A "Banker" (Westworld)
  • Mr. Takaguchi (Futureworld)

Hosts (Robots, Androids) Edit

  • The Queen
  • Daphne
  • Medieval Knight
  • Black Knight
  • Dungeon Girl (believed by Peter to be a guest)

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