Mesa Gold is a resort and bar located within the Westworld Mesa Hub. It is used by the Guests to relax at the end of their visit to the Park.


Mesa Gold is located at the edge of the Mesa Hub, with a view overlooking a canyon. It is separated from the rest of the Mesa Hub.


Mesa Gold Bar is an outdoor resort, surrounded by trees and high walls for the safety of the Guests, as it is located on the edge of a canyon. It is relatively small, containing a single semicircular pool and a circular arrangement of chairs covered with large umbrellas. In the center of the structure there is a small roofed bar.

Season OneEdit

"The Original"Edit

"The Adversary"Edit

After having his narration rejected by Ford, Lee Sizemore takes sick leave and gets drunk by the pool in the Mesa Bar. He tries to flirt with a woman, who he doesn't realise is Charlotte Hale. Lee is cut off from the bar and steals a bottle of liquor.[1]



  1. "The Adversary"

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