El Lazo Lawrence

El Lazo, secretly siding with the "Revolutionaries".

The Revolutionaries are a group of Hosts in the first season of Westworld.

Summary Edit

The Revolutionaries are a group of hosts who roam the outer lands of the park, and are a part of the War storyline.

Season One Edit

Lawrence, going as El Lazo, is revealed to be a leader of the Revolutionaries. He arranges for William, Logan and Dolores Abernathy to rob a stagecoach of nitroglycerine for the Confederados, but then double crosses them all and steals the nitro by pumping it into a dead Slim Miller's body to smuggle it out on a train.

Notes Edit

  • When Logan is trying to convince William to come with him and the Confederados on the War narrative, he claims that if William doesn't want to be with the Confederados, he can shoot them all, and join the Revolutionaries. One can infer from this that the Revolutionaries and Confederados are opposing sides in the War narrative.
    • It's interesting how William does exactly what Logan had proposed earlier (shooting all of the Confederados) in Trace Decay.

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