Roman World is one of three worlds (resorts) in Westworld (1973), and one of four worlds in Futureworld (1976) that form Delos. It is the recreation of Pompeii. The dates it attempts to recreate are up for debate as Pompeii was destroyed in AD 79, and the Roman Empire hit its peak in AD 117. Its Westworld sister parks are Medieval World and Westworld; its Futureworld sister parks are Medieval World, Spa World and Futureworld.

It is the least seen of the Westworld Delos parks, serving only as a backdrop for concept framing, robot malfunction and the hero's chase scene.

Descriptions Edit

Westworld: Edit

Roman World: A lusty treat for the senses in the setting of delightful, decadent Pompeii. Here the traveler experiences the sensual, relaxed morality that existed at the peak of the imperial Roman Empire.

Futureworld: Edit

Roman World, a lusty treat for the senses, where beautiful robot women are yours to command and robot gladiators die at the point of your sword.

 Notable Characters within Roman World (1973, 1976 Park) Edit

Guests Edit

  • None

Hosts (Robots, Androids) Edit

  • Clark (a former 400 series Roman "iron" man, Futureworld)
  • Dancers (Futureworld)

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