Samurai World, Shōgun World, and Sensei World are speculative names for another of the Delos Destinations, Inc. parks - a 'sister park' to Westworld. An "SW" logo is seen in "The Bicameral Mind" when Maeve, Felix, Hector and Armistice flee to a section/area that appears similar to the Behavioral levels within the Westworld Mesa Hub. Two feudal Japanese warrior hosts are rehearsing actions under the supervision of a Behavior technician, and they take no notice of the fugitives. Other hosts stand by passively. Manufacturing technicians and manufacturing stations with circular frames are also visible in the background of the scene.

Location Edit

It should be noted that the content seen in the "SW" section/area is not a park. It contains hosts and a logo that may be for either an existing park, or a park still in the development stages.

It is unclear where the new park may be located, if it exists at all yet. The topographical map in the Westworld control room seems to only display the Westworld park.

Other Parks Edit

It's been confirmed, by pre-season 2 publicity material, that Westworld is not the only park. But there were clues, well before then, that hinted at it:

  • Lee Sizemore is seen at Westworld's Monorail Platform in the episode "The Bicameral Mind", talking to Charlotte Hale. He wants to be Ford's replacement and says: "I want full creative control over this place: the parks, the narratives, the hosts."
  • In "The Bicameral Mind", Felix gives Maeve a note with the location of her daughter: Park 1 Sector 15 Zone 3. Westworld could very well be "Park 1".
  • In "Trace Decay" the Man in Black says Westworld isn't the only world he owns. He could be referring to the outside world, or he could be referring to other Delos Destinations parks.

Name Edit

The show's creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, have said that the name of the SW park could be Samurai World, Shogun World, or even Sensei World. They said these are all "good guesses". [1]

In a leaked script, which appears to have been prepared for the Emmy awards, a name is used - which will not be spoiled on these pages. The pdf of the script is below.

File:Westworld-1x10-The-Bicameral -Mind.pdf

(please let an admin know if the name in the script is used openly on the wiki before it appears in the show)

Trivia/Note Edit

In an Entertainment Weekly interview Nolan speaks of his love of Samurai movies.[2] A few Samurai films have been remade into Westerns.[3] Western film director, Sergio Leone, based the "man with no name" in A Fistful of Dollars on the main character in Akira Kurosawa's movie, Yojimbo. (Sanjuro is a sequel with the same unnamed main character).[4]

In the Entertainment Weekly interview, Nolan incorrectly states that Sergio Leone made films based on "The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven". The truth is that director Akira Kurosawa created Seven Samurai (1954), and John Sturges directed an adaptation of Kurosawa's film (The Magnificent Seven').[5]

Concept of Multiple Parks Edit

The idea of multiple-parks comes from Michael Crichton's 1973 film Westworld. In the opening scene of that film, Ed Ramsey describes the theme park (named Delos) as containing three worlds: "Medieval World, Roman World, and, of course, Westworld."

Medieval and Roman World are shown briefly during the 1973 film. The film's protagonist flees from the gunslinger robot through Westworld, and then makes his way into Roman World and finally Medieval World.

In the movie Futureworld, Westworld is deserted. It has been replaced with: Spa World and Futureworld. Near the end of the film, Futureworld, the antagonists see three Japanese feudal warriors.[6]

Nolan has stated Medieval World and Roman World will not appear in Westworld.[7]

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