Oh God, it’s incredible!

Female guest

Better be, for what we’re paying.

Male guest, Guests arriving in Westworld, in "The Original"

Sweetwater is a small town near the center of the Westworld park.


The train will deposit you in this bustling town upon your arrival to Westworld. This vibrant community features a number of friendly people engaged in all sorts of trade, but stay on your toes — the occasional bandit or ne'er-do-well could sneak in. Play a game of faro at the Mariposa Saloon or relax in luxury lodging at the Coronado — no matter what you choose, our hosts aim to please.

– Official Description

Locations within SweetwaterEdit



  • On the interactive map of Westworld (at the location of Sweetwater was moved during the first season.
  • This town is most probably named after the Sweetwater from the Sergio Leone Western movie, Once Upon a Time in the West (1968).
  • Sweetwater, Texas is the seat of Nolan County.

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