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Thandie Newton (born Thandiwe Melanie Newton) is an English actress most known for her roles in The Pursuit of Happyness, Mission: Impossible II, Crash, and more. She plays Maeve Millay in HBO's Westworld.

Trivia Edit

Courtesy of IMDB

  • A delayed shoot for Mission: Impossible II (2000) caused Thandie to turn down one of the lead roles in Charlie's Angels (2000). Lucy Liu was cast instead.
  • One of her fondest memories is watching her mother get dressed in her traditional African garb because it taught her black pride.
  • Raised in Penzance, Cornwall, England.
  • Ranked #48 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002)
  • Graduated with a 2:1 (otherwise known as "an undergraduate degree with 2nd Class Honours, Upper Division")in Anthropology from Cambridge University.
  • She named her daughter Ripley after the character played by Sigourney Weaver in Alien (1979).
  • Her younger daughter was named for German-born singer Nico, member of the legendary rock group The Velvet Underground.
  • Her full first name, Thandiwe which means "beloved." is pronounced tan-DEE-way.
  • Delivered both of her daughters naturally via a birthing pool.
  • In July 2011, in a speech at the TEDGlobal 2011 Conference, Newton disclosed that earlier in her career, she struggled with the eating disorder bulimia.
  • Daughter of Nick Newton and Nyasha Newton and sister of Jamie Newton.
  • Gave birth to her 1st child at age 27, a daughter Ripley Parker on 17 September 2000. Child's father is her husband, Ol Parker.
  • Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 32, a daughter Nico Parker in mid December 2004. Child's father is her husband, Ol Parker.
  • Was 2 months pregnant with her daughter Nico when she completed filming Crash (2004).
  • Returned to work 8 months after giving birth to her daughter Nico to begin filming The Pursuit of Happyness (2006).
  • Gave birth to her 3rd child at age 41, a son Booker Jombe Parker on March 3, 2014. Child's father is her husband, Ol Parker.
  • Was 6 months pregnant with her son Booker when she completed filming the 2nd season of Rogue (2013).
  • According to Thandie, her mother is a Princess of the Shona Tribe.
  • Returned to work 5 months after giving birth to her son Booker to begin filming Westworld (2016).

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