There's something I'd like you to try. It's a game; a secret. It's called, The Maze.

– Arnold Weber

In some circles, the maze is rumored to be the sum of a man’s life. At its center lies a man who has been killed over and over—only to come back to life. To keep out his oppressors, he built the maze.

–Aeden, on

The Maze is both a symbol that is seen everywhere in Westworld and throughout the history of the park, and a representation of Arnold's theory of creating consciousness.

The Man in Black convinced himself that this is a narrative that Arnold Weber wrote for guests. However, he was mistaken because the maze is not a narrative for guests. This maze symbol is seen throughout the park: on a tarot card, on a branding iron, plowed into a field, drawn into the ground, on coffins and a table top, and inside the scalp of the Indian, Kissy.

Arnold modeled his theory of creating consciousness on his child's ball-in-a-maze game. Arnold told Dolores that The Maze was a secret "game" for her. Dolores is 'led' along on her path to consciousness by the voice of Arnold.

Season OneEdit

"The Original" Edit

The Man in Black searches for clues about The Maze, because he wants to "dive deeper" into Westworld. He scalps an Indian host and finds The Maze beneath his scalp.[1]


The Man in Black rides up to a hanging, greets Lawrence by name, and after a brief conversation with Sheriff Reed, he kills everyone except the condemned man. The Man in Black removes Lawrence's blindfold and and throws him Kissy's scalp. He tells Lawrence that he wants to find the entrance to The Maze, and binds Lawrence's hands before riding away with Lawrence towed along behind.


The Maze on Kissy's scalp

The Man In Black is still towing Lawrence and questioning him about Kissy. He takes Lawrence home, where they sit at a table outside a Mexican cafe. Lawrence's wife and Lawrence's Daughter are there. The Man in Black tries to get Lawrence to tell him the entrance to the maze, Lawrence denies any knowledge and the Man in Black shoots the cafe owner, other men and then Lawrence's wife. The girl doesn't act alarmed. She eventually tells the Man in Black that The Maze isn't meant for him, but says to follow the "Blood Arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs."[2]

"Dissonance Theory"Edit

Arnold offers to take away Dolores' feelings of grief about her dead parents, but Dolores doesn't want him to do this. She claims that her grief is the only thing she has left of them; this phrase has been said by other hosts, including Bernard and Maeve. As the conversation progresses, Dolores reveals that she feels that there is either something wrong with her world or with herself, and that she thinks she may be losing her mind. Arnold asks Dolores to play a secret game: The Maze. The goal of this game is to find the center of the maze, at which point Dolores will become "free". Dolores replies that she thinks she wants to be free.[3]


The symbol is seen twice by Dolores in this episode. The first instance is on a tarot card that she takes from a Fortune Teller. The second instance is when she sees it on top of a wooden coffin. The Man in Black speaks with Dr. Ford about The Maze in a bar.[4]



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