Westworld is the only vacation where you don’t have to pack a thing. The park is all inclusive, and bespoke clothing awaits you, along with everything you need to enjoy your stay. Free yourself of modern inconveniences that inhibit your ability to sever ties with the outside world. Upon booking your dates, our consultants will work with your local port authority to chart your course to the park. Bring nothing; worry about nothing.

– Discover Westworld Website

The Mesa Hub is 'network central' for Westworld, containing everything from office spaces to the control room. It is built inside of a large mesa, and is grandiose in size, having various levels. All guests must arrive at the Mesa Hub before entering the park.

Advanced Hub Map Edit

Areas of Mesa HubEdit



Promotional images via Discover Westworld WebsiteEdit

Known Westworld Staff at Mesa HubEdit

  • Dr. Robert Ford - Park Director and co-creator
  • Bernard Lowe - Head of the Behavior Division, and a programming specialist
  • Theresa Cullen - Head of the Quality Assurance Division
  • Elsie Hughes - Behavior Technician
  • Ashley Stubbs - Security Chief in Quality Assurance
  • Lee Sizemore - Head of the Narrative Division
  • Arnold Weber - Co-creator of Westworld and its hosts (now deceased).
  • Angela - Greeter for the newly arrived guests (a host)
  • Felix Lutz - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management
  • Sylvester - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management
  • Destin - Body Shop Technician in Livestock Management

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